Take up the Table Moments challenge

Take up the Table Moments challenge

8 April, 2024

The Table has always been a great ministry opportunity. Read the Gospel of Luke especially and you will see that Jesus met, healed and transformed many lives around the table.

Around a table, we have unhurried time.

Around a table, we get to know people deeper

Around a table, we make new friends.

Around a table, we reveal the presence of Christ.


600 Table Moments hosted by LifeWay members.

600 moments to live his love, share his hope and grow in his grace together.

That is 2-3 invitations for every member.

This is not about doing anything extra from what you do already! It’s simply being intentional in those Table Moments.

- Think about those neighbours or work colleagues that you could get to know better.

- Invite them for a meal.

- Share stories as you do over a meal – how do you meet, what brought you to this suburb.

- Pray – maybe just ask the Lord’s blessing over your meal with a table grace…or before they leave just ask if there is anything you can pray for them, or simply offer this prayer. Dear Jesus, thank you for bringing ______here today. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know them. Watch over and bless them in the coming week. Amen. It is that simple.

- Take a photo (if it is appropriate) or simply fill in a Table Moment card at each centre as we build a wall of Table moments to pray over and ask God to use for his purposes.

May God bless the Table Moments you share in 2024!