Practising Repentance

22 February, 2023 Pastor Mark Schultz

Being a disciple is intentional and all-encompassing; it’s an apprenticeship that can only be developed through practice as we apply the skills we learn in the master's workshop in the real world we live in on a daily basis. Today as we begin this 40 day period of Lent, we come into the workshop of his grace and leave what we think we know, what we have believed to be true, what we have let form and shape us at the door, and start again with eager and willing hearts to learn from Jesus. As Martin Luther also discovered and wrote as the top of the list when he nailed 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, ``Repent'' (Mt 4:17), he willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance. So let's begin this season of preparation with practising repentance.

#1 in series: Spiritual Apprenticeship


Rebuild with Resources

19 February, 2023 Pastor Mark Schultz

For the ordinary person, it's a great gift. The Autofocus function on a camera. It focusses on a single point or matrix of focus points to enable a crystal clear picture to be captured. But turn it to manual focus and the clarity can be affected. Sometimes the picture is blurred. Sometimes our vision is distorted. =Sometimes what we think we see, is not what was envisaged or expected.

How do you see yourself? Is the picture crystal clear or blurry...true or distorted? Who we think we are shapes our approach to everyday circumstances, how we deal with disappointments and successes, relationships, and life itself. But an even more important question is how we see God. That matters even more...for how we see God and who we think God is will shape our experience of him, our attitude to him and how we live because of that. If God is angry & judgmental…arbitrary and stingy...that's what we will experience. But if we see God through the lens of grace, we will experience the surprise and wonder of a God who is for us...a God who empowers, entrusts, and gives more than we expect or deserve and gathers what we do offer back in joy. Today in the final week of our vision series, God wants to switch on the autofocus on the lens of grace that gives clarity and focus through a cross matrix of focus points. God wants us to experience him as the God of love he is, a God who entrusts us with unimaginable gifts and riches, eager that we make the most of them and enter his joy. It's a heart perspective that will bring clarity, leave a legacy, and transform our living, sharing and growing as we rebuild with resources.

#4 and final in vision series: 'Beyond Limits'


Reengage with Community

12 February, 2023 Pastor David Schuppan

If our church shut its doors today. Turned off the lights. Left. Would anyone in our community notice? Would anyone in our communities even care? It's not a shock question…it's a real question; a question that gets to the core of engagement. Are we part of and immersed in the community, or have we created our own silo apart from the community? To put it another way…what do we WANT to be known for in the community….and what ARE we known for? Too often we have disengaged from the community. Too often we have been scared of engaging with, or facing people who may not believe what we believe, or have a different perspective to what we have. So we get busy in doing church rather than being the church - Christ's living, loving and reconciling presence in the world. Today God is calling us to reimagine our communities and to see God's kingdom breaking in and being established in our midst, to see our community as a gift that he is giving us. It's time…for Christ's sake…and those in our community…to re-engage with community.

#3 in series: Beyond Limits


Recommit to Vision

5 February, 2023 Pastor Mark Schultz

Moses, Jonah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, the women at the tomb, Thomas, Paul, Timothy, OT or New, faithful disciple or called by the Father, they all share a common character trait: reluctance, resistance, reservation. Not one was enthusiastic & obedient from the word “Go.” In every case it took more than one “Go” to get them going.

The Great Commission is not a good suggestion…It’s an Expectation. A "Go" Mission. People as yet, unclaimed by the gospel, are to be reached in Jesus’ name. We are to grow into living examples of Christ’s life here so that all people might be drawn into the life and love, the restoring and recreating grace of God that we have received in Jesus, our Saviour King. What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? How can I repay the gift of life, love, joy satisfaction, and salvation I’ve been given in spite of me? What can I do in a world rife with unbelief, torn by divisions, run amok in its rebellion against everything good true or beautiful? Recommit to the Vision, his commission…and go!

#2 in series: "Beyond Limits"


Reimagine with God

29 January, 2023 Pastor Mark Simpfendorfer

Turning over a new leaf. Clean slate. Tree change. Fresh start. Sometimes those are exciting moments for us. We want to believe change is for the good…a break from what was to what will be. But the hardest part of any of those…is seeing ourselves not as we once were…but as we are now. It’s that moment we give up the “What if….?” for “What is.”

Many in the world have been stuck on “What if…?” for a long time. What if …a new virus? ...war in Europe widens? ...China gets more aggressive? ...prices & interest rates keep going up? …I need more care? …family situation gets worse?

But God speaks deeper than “What ifs…? to declare “What is”…not a word of speculation, conjecture, anxious guesswork or wishful thinking…but the assurance of God’s people being restored to their God-designed purpose & God-intended work in God’s world. In the story of our faith ancestors & in our lives today, God comes to move your heart & act through you to accomplish his vision & purposes…right here…right now. Not some imagined or dreamed up perfect future, but in the midst of where God has put you in your life…today.

#1 in Vision Series "Beyond Limits"


Kingdom Living

22 January, 2023 Pastor Mat von Stanke

What do you see? It's a soccer changeroom...a clean soccer changeroom. But it is far more than that.

This is how the Japanese Men's team left the changeroom after their win at the 2022 World Cup.

But this is not just a once off occurrence. It is also how they left the changerooms after their 2018 matches, along with a thankyou note in three languages. What we see is a clear demonstration of the values the team holds - values that guide decision making, inform actions and reveal who they are to the community. Today Jesus shares the Kingdom values that are to guide, shape, and inform the lives of those who follow him. It's a way of being and living that flow from the blessing of relationship; of being deeply loved and deeply empowered by the Father. It enables us to see and navigate the realities and circumstances we face every day, with a different posture, a deeper trust and a greater dependence and reliance on God. And that Jesus tells us is a Kingdom living through which he transforms, blesses and impacts the world eternally. We will explore that today.

#4 in series "It's Time"


Kingdom Calling

15 January, 2023 Pastor Mark Schultz

Turning points. We have all experienced them. Those moments in life that change everything.

- Moving out and beginning life on your own.

- Falling in love, getting engaged and married

- receiving a phone call or being involved in an experience that radically rearranges your life, for good or bad

- a birth of a child, a death of a loved one, retirement.

Turning points can be welcome or unwelcome, positive or negative. Full of excitement or mired in despair. But what each turning point has in common is that it causes us to see ourselves, others, and the world differently. It makes us think differently and move in a different direction. Whatever turning point we encounter, Jesus invites us to follow him. It's an invitation that comes with an opportunity and a promise - an opportunity to change direction (repentance) and a promise that he will refashion our lives. That’s what Jesus did for Peter, Andrew, James, and John. “I will make you…,” he says. So join us today as we hear a Kingdom calling, both individually and as a Church, that will radically change our position toward God and his purposes and reshape who we are called to be in community.

#3 in series: It's Time


Kingdom Purpose

8 January, 2023 Pastor Mark Simpfendorfer

“Plus 1” In the etiquette of a by-gone era, +1 on your invitation to an event was a signal that the host wanted you to bring a guest for they knew your enjoyment would be greater if you had someone at your side with whom to share it.

“Come and see.” John the Baptizer pointed people to Jesus as the highest joy…the deepest satisfaction…the all-embracing love of God. To both the curious and the cautious Jesus simply says, “Come & see.” Those who do immediately find a +1…someone with whom they can share the joy, satisfaction & love…and the kingdom grows.

Being a spectator to faith isn’t enough. Living off the experience of someone else just won’t cut it. Jesus stands before us and invites us to live in a real responsive relationship with the Father that leads us into the world for the purpose of widening the reach of his kingdom. Jesus invites us to come and experience firsthand living in his presence, to be so transformed by that encounter that we invite a +1 to join us on the journey.


Kingdom Time

1 January, 2023 Pastor Mark Simpfendorfer

Time flies. Time waits for no one. Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin into the future. Like holding water in your hand; time passes quickly.

2022 is gone, 2023 is here…in the blink of an eye. Time shapes every aspect of our lives. We wake & sleep to clockwork rhythms. We work to deadlines. We make appointments. We look at our watch to see how long to go, or how long it’s been. That’s time as we know it. Chronos. Chronological measurable unreclaimable…That’s chronos time. The Bible knows that “time” too…but offers us a different one: Kairos – when significant moments that alter our life occur…when we experience a moment that is never neutral but leaves an impression. To say “I do.” To stand by a loved one’s grave. To welcome a new child.

Jesus was born in kairos time, at the appointed time, when the time was fully right, so that we could have a place in the story of salvation. So as we begin 2023, God wants us to live our lives in a Kairos way even as our lives unfold in a kronos order; to be a part of his Kairos plan to reveal his kingdom in the world. This is your moment…in Christ…to take…to believe…to own…to live…to make an impact for eternity. It’s Kingdom Time!

#1 in series: It's Time