When HOPE comes to Town

28 November, 2021 Pastor Mark Schultz

Life comes at us fast. If you have ever driven a left-hand drive vehicle when you are used to a right hand drive...you may know the terrifying feeling of suddenly seeing three lanes of oncoming cars bearing down on you! It's frightening. But that's the reality of life as we know it too. World events, earthquakes, bushfires, floods, acts of terrorism and war, and of course global pandemics can come over the rise and shake our very foundations. Personal or family tragedies, untimely retrenchments, or an unwelcome health diagnosis can feel like three lanes of traffic bearing down on us, causing our lives to go into a fearful spin. When the oncoming traffic of this world and our lives looks ominous and we begin to grow afraid, our first response is usually to look for a place to hide and brace for impact. Jesus tells us to do the exact opposite. He tells us that the louder the threats of the world around us, the nearer he is beside us and the closer his return to rescue/receive us into his kingdom. Hope comes to town, precisely when all seems lost or at risk. Jesus reminds us of our assured future in him when our future circumstance looks bleak. When God comes to town, hope comes too to fill us with courage in the moment, boldness for the days ahead and a joy-filled expectation & anticipation of what will be. So stand up and take a look and see what happens when HOPE comes to town.

#1 in series: When God comes to Town