The Biodegradable Communion Cup

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3 November, 2022

In response to the single-use plastic ban legislation and rollout across Australia, ACR have teamed up with BioPak, Australia’s leading sustainable packaging company to produce 'The Biodegradable Communion Cup'. It's a world first Certified Home Compostable Communion Cup!

These new cups are a simple way that churches can care for Gods creation and take a practical step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Manufactured exclusively for ACR by BioPak. Read about the journey here.

Available to pre-order now. Stock arriving November 2022.

There are many benefits to choosing The Biodegradable Communion Cup!

  • 100% Plant based made from bagasse (sugar cane pulp)
  • Certified Home and Industrially Compostable
  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Fits standard communion trays, both metal and wooden.
  • Australian designed to world standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, AS5810, AS4736, EN13432)

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LifeWay, we know that there is a season for everything. The season for saying goodbye to Pastor David and Barb is beginning. Pastor David has made the call to retire and his final service will be on Sunday 23rd July, 2.30pm at the Wollongong Church. Please pray for Pastor David and Barb as they begin this transition phase of their lives…and if you were going to invite them around for dinner, the time to act is NOW!


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Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have more than reached our goal, with $12,480 raised for the projects in Cambodia.

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- Building the first stage of a building for LifeWay Cambodia. Pastor Vibol is generously donating land he has bought so we can build a presence in the community. So we are looking to build an 11mX7m room as well as a toilet to run the computer classes, training and gather people in the community for worship.

Any further donations will go towards Vibol’s salary and ministry needs which is getting low, so any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

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