Revised edition of Luther's Large Catechism

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9 May, 2022

"These new editions reveal an increasing awareness that the translation of a text must not only be accurate, but also appropriate to the character and style of the original. This is of particular importance for the translation of Luthers catechisms, which were after all written for the benefit of children and ordinary people, as Luther puts it in his Preface to the Large Catechism in 1529, and which were based on his sermon series on the catechism in Wittenberg. Luthers German is direct and colourful. It flows from his pen with dynamism, reflecting the living situation of the preacher addressing a congregation. Luther is not afraid to use the occasional colloquialism, or even to disregard the normal rules of grammar. Some sentences suddenly change direction, and thoughts are not always completed. Often a variety of ideas crowd in on one another within a single sentence. Above all, Luther is inventive and authentic, as far as linguistic expression is concerned." - Author, Friedemann Hebart

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Joy, joy joy down in my heart…Where? That’s the question isn’t it. So much of this life can be described as struggle and suffering. We wait for circumstances to change so we can have some relief but it rarely comes soon enough and never seems to stay. We forget how to laugh and celebrate, we experience the distancing of friendships and the increase of isolation and loneliness. What if joy was a choice and it could be experienced it in any moment of any situation? What if joy had the capacity to establish resilience, strengthen character, and the power to build us into communities? St. Paul in his letter to the Philippians invites us to embrace the pandemic of joy that is highly contagious and leads to an abiding joy that is in our hearts to stay.

Begins Sunday 1st October 2023.


Oak Flats worship location returns

Worship services at Oak Flats will be returning to the Oak Flats Senior Citizens Centre at 43-45 Griffiths Street, Oak Flats, from this Sunday 24th September. All are welcome to join them there at 8:30am as they gather for worship.


LCA Voice referendum discussion guide

The LCA college of bishops has prepared a paper exploring some of the issues surrounding the upcoming referendum on the indigenous voice to parliament.

If you’d like to access it as you decide how you will vote you can download it from here: