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18 May, 2023




based on the hope and divine guarantee of eternal life, [the life] which God, who is ever truthful and without deceit, promised before the ages of time began, (AMP)


I have a confession to make, I am a geek! For many that would come as no surprise but I’m hoping you all would fain surprise at that statement. 

A few years back the creators of Star Trek, feeling trapped, created an escape from the universe they had created over 50 years ago with the creation of the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ enabling them to create an alternate universe and change the outdated pre-existing storyline.

Now, I’m not sure who came up with this idea of creating alternate universes to correct outdated ideas and storylines first, for that I would need to check with a more educated geek than myself (Pastor Mat can maybe answer that) but since the introduction of the Kelvin Timeline other franchises have changed their storyline with the introduction of their own multiverses.

Today’s verse brings out the giddy excitement of my hidden geekness with the idea of our sure-hope having its genesis in the multiverse. Without geeking out too much I will try to explain this idea. Today’s verse talks about God fulfilling the promise he made to us in eternity, about eternity through Jesus before there was a before or even an after.

See eternity doesn’t have a beginning or an end, so God promised us eternal life from the multiverse but even that is wrong because in eternity there is no past, so it wasn’t ‘promised’ and it wasn’t a ‘promise’ for the future. It was God inviting us into eternity from eternity. He invited us into the eternal now with Him.

Since I am sure I lost most of you a few sentences back let me try to end with this, we have a sure-hope, not a hopeful hope, but a guaranteed-hope of eternal life starting before there was a before right now!

PRAYER:  Almighty God, I thank you for the sure-hope I received by your grace through the cross, the sure hope of eternal life I can live in now through Jesus.  Amen.

Today's devotion written by Danny Brock, LifeWay Westside