John 14:12

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1 April, 2023



JOHN 14:12

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.


I find Bible verses like this one intimidating. One the one hand, there is something about doing the kinds of things Jesus did - like healing the sick, casting out demons, turning water into wine, and walking on water that appeals to me. I get a sense that being a follower of Jesus should have something of that level of excitement and anticipation about it, just waiting to see what cool and unexpected thing God wants to do next.

But at the same time there is fear and apprehension. What if the works God has set out for me to do draw unwanted attention? What if I think I have heard from God about this but maybe I haven't? What happens if I got it wrong? What if, like Jesus, the things God want's me to say or do will lead some people to dislike me? These and many other questions are what whizz through my mind when I contemplate the idea of doing the kinds of things Jesus did.

The I remember that Jesus wasn't just about miraculous signs and wonders. Jesus loved people, Jesus cared for and showed compassion for others. Jesus forgave sins and ate with and talked with people. Those things I can do. I can do those ordinary every day things and God can use them to make the miraculous happen.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, thank you that you send me your Holy Spirit to guide and empower me in this life. Help me to remember that 'doing the things you did' is not just about performing miracles, but is about being obedient to the Father and letting Him cause my efforts to have miraculous outcomes. Amen

Today's devotion written by Mathew von Stanke, LifeWay Newcastle