New Sermon Series Begins

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23 January, 2020

Flying can be incredibly stressful for some. There are the prospects of cancellations and delays, long lines at security and cramped seats — not to mention the jet lag you may suffer on long haul flights. But there’s also the excitement of the adventure as you leave the ground, take-off and explore new places, discover new people and participate in new experiences that continue to delight for years to come.  

It’s time to head to the airport and take-off on the next leg of the adventurous vision that God has given us. So join us for a new worship series that will prepare you for the journey you are a part of, get you through the airport without raising your blood pressure, and help you arrive refreshed and ready to embrace what God has planned for us.

TAKE-OFF ... the next stage of living the vision begins

2 February - Planning the Itinerary

9 February - Check-In

16 February - Finding the Right Gate

23 February - Cleared for Take-Off