Nehemiah Sermon Series Begins

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8 July, 2021

When all you have is in ruins...When life resembles the rubbish tip…the road to recovery is travelled only by doggedly trusting in & living out God’s promises for you & his commands to you. Nehemiah is called by God to rebuild the walls around the destroyed city of Jerusalem & in so doing, re-establish God’s covenant relationship with his people, leading them toward faithful living.

This is not just a story from long ago, it’s the daily work of God’s Spirit in us. Building & creating, restoring & renewing, protecting & defending…until our lives are fully formed according to God’s intention, plan & desire. It’s an unfinished project as long as we’re alive, but it’s a work the Father promises to bring to completion in us in joy & peace, in obedience & forgiveness, in love & contentment and guaranteed to last forever.