Luke 6:9

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13 March, 2022



LUKE 6:9

Then Jesus said to them, “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?”


One of my children's friends moved to a new school this year. This friend has some learning difficulties so he has moved to a school with the right kind of support for him, it just so happens it's also a Christian school. While this friend was visiting for a play date a few weeks ago, we asked how his new school was going. His response was something like this, "It's really good, I like it a lot, but I think they are trying to make me a Christian!" I boldly pushed a little further and asked, what would be so bad about being a Christian? His response... "It's boring!"

I can't help but think that being a Christian would be so much more enticing and life giving if we were not always so focussed on 'the rules'. Jesus says he came so that we could have life in all it's fulness; not a bound up and restricted life, a full and exciting life. What kind of difference would it make if those people encountering us for the first time were struck by how joyful, thankful, and excited we were to be part of God's family but so often the image that the church gets is one of stuffy, old fashioned, fuddy-duddies, out of touch with reality and so worried about doing the wrong thing that we don't do anything.

So get busy living; do good, save life, restore hope, bring joy, love others, give generously, because there is no way that kind of living is ever going to be boring!


Lord God, please help me to really live. Help me in my living to take time out, to rest. Help me to rest not out of obligation, but in the joy of life with you. May my times of rest empower me to live more fully and share more boldly the love of Jesus. Amen