1 Corinthians 14:26b

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24 September, 2021




Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.


Over the last term, it has been interesting to listen in to my wife teaching Kindergarten students online...what an amazing job teachers do in this tough environment. But every morning the students would be so happy to see their teacher and want to share something...all at the same time! It wasn't uncommon to hear, 'One at a time girls" or "Girls, can you please mute your microphones!' At least that is one advantage of online learning! Maybe you know what that is like in your family, everyone talking over each other and wanting to be heard but not listening to each other! Paul experienced that in the Church too. Everyone wanted to speak, everyone wanted to use their gifts, which was great, but they weren't listening to each other. "One at a time," Paul says to the Corinthians...we need to listen to each other so that the church may be built up. God has given everyone in our community something to say - a thought, an idea, a word that will bless, encourage, strengthen, challenge and build up the people of God. What is that word God is placing on your heart to share to build up the people of God today? Is it a word of Scripture? A vision? A prophecy? An encouraging meme? A piece of art? A song? How could you speak that today? Through your social media profile? A phone call to someone? An email? A recording? Maybe you would like to write a reflection on one of our daily verses? Speak to Pastor Mat if you would like to give that a go! Today's challenge - share the word God has given you to build up a child of God today.


Lord God, you have given me gifts to build up the body of Christ. Help me use those gifts willingly and generously to bless those people around me that you have given to me as brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.